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New Drywall Rigs

United Equipment Sales can provide you with the BEST PRICES on all drywall texture equipment and drywall spray rigs. Whether you want to do stucco fireproofing, simulated acoustic spray ceilings, drywall texturing, or drywall repair, we can provide you with the latest drywall texture spray rigs and plaster pumps. We are a certified dealer of more than a dozen manufacturers, including Spray King drywall equipment and Spray King drywall finishing tools and Western grout pumps. We offer you the best prices on new and used drywall texture machines and drywall spray equipment, as well as drywall spray nozzles and hoses. If you already have a drywall spray pump which is in need of repair, our expert mechanics are dealer certified to refurbish discount drywall equipment.
Our patented United Spray Techology was developed for maximum productivity with actual contractors using and testing the product designs. We know its the best spray machine available in capacities ranging from 150 to 500 gallons. Our research and development provides you with affordable spray solutions based on over 17 breakthrough patents! 

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Drywall Equipment Spray Texture Machines - Popcorn, Acoustics, Drywall Repair

The United Spray 500 Diesel rigs are considered the finest texture spay equipment on the market.
If you have not seen one up front and personal, you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have set new standards with our current design. Over 17-patents held by on this industry leading drywall machine.
Our diesels are equipped with our new pump which includes the butterfly valve. You will no longer dread servicing your pump because of worries over a big mess. With a turn of the valve all of the mud in the tank is shut off and the rotor and stator can be removed without leaking material on to the ground. Click see more Drywall Machines plus Used equipment Refurbishing like new - Great Prices !

The wiring is heat shrink protected like the smaller gas rigs and in addition the tail lights are pop out heavy truck style lights that sit protected in the rear 3/8" thick steel bumper.

The 270 comes standard with electric trailer brakes. The box tubing frame is beefed up to 2" x 4". The hitch size is 2-5/16" and is removable with bolts to easily adjust the height to match the tow vehicle. The axle size is increased to handle the heavy loads.

Tank Length Width Height Dry Weight
267 Gal. 182" 81" 66" 3000 lbs.

Multi488 UES mobile powerful 10HP engine, CFM 11 Cubic Feet per Minute Tank 40Gal Split Capacity, Pump Super2L4, Tire 15” Sizes, Weight 750 lbs, Hoses 1”x75” w/air Line, PoleGun 30” SF100, 4 Tips, Drywall, Plaster Fireproofing, Acoustic Texture, Stucco, Grout Sand Cement Finishes and Specialty Coatings. 

Compressor Engine Skid Mounts Mixer Customizable Diesel Machines Hydraulic Tanks
United Equipment Sales offers heavy duty customizable compressor engines - below skid mounts that meet your project specifications. Whether you need drywall spray, texture paint, or even grout, plaster mortar mixer applications. For over 42-years, we have built and refurbish your affordable custom equipment. In fact, we specialize in refurbishing used machines. We restore it, too like new shape for great returns on investment.

Our equipment parts are rugged and built to last guaranteed to be cost effective. For example, the full hydraulic control system below will provide years of profitable use. Being a low maintenance design you will spend less time on repairs. Your like new machine will have infinite control of mixing speed, compressor and pump speeds at your finger tips. Mixing is a snap and adjusting your spray pattern will be easy for maximum coverage.

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Compressor Equipment Customizable Specs

These versions are a single skid that combines the mixer, engine and compressor along with fuel tanks and hydraulic tanks. These diesel models are available in 200, 300 and 400 tank sizes. See Drywall Spray Machines
Combination Diesel Skids
Size Length Width Height
200 97" 61" 54"
300 99" 61" 61"
400 99" 73" 61"
 Compressor / Engine Options:
Standard Quincy QT 7.5
(23 CFM)
25 HP
Option A Quincy QT 10
(35 CFM)
25 HP
Option B Quincy QT 15
(50 CFM)
33 HP
400 99" 73"
Engines are upgradable in options.  Quincy QR series compressors also available.
Component Options Available
Electric pump switch - Split tank - Longer hose set - Binks gun