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How to Select the Right Hose

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For all your Shotcrete Accessories, Concrete Hoses, Plaster Fireproofing and Spray Nozzle related projects United Equipment Sales provides top quality over 3100 psi burt pressure ratings heavy duty fabric and wire hoses, vertical spiral, hand braided volume hoses and steel pipe, clamps, go devil clean out accessories. Since 1965, United Equipment Sales has supplied heavy construction equipment for thousands of contractors large and small worldwide. The information below will help you determine the best hose for your application.To assist your efforts to collect the data necessary to make a proper hose recommendation, please use our S.T.A.M.P.E.D check off list.

S stands for SIZE; I.D., O.D. and length
T stands for TEMPERATURE of the material conveyed and environmental
A stands for the APPLICATION, the conditions of use
M stands for the MATERIAL being conveyed, type and concentration
P stands for the PRESSURE to which the assembly will be exposed
E stands for ENDS; style, type, orientation, attachment methods, etc.
D stands for DELIVERY; testing, quality, packaging, and delivery requirements

Hose Selection General Information

Getting the best results from any particular hose application requires two important conditions to be fulfilled:

  1. To select the right hose for the job.
  2. To make sure you have a correctly fitted hose and it is being used in a proper manner.

When considering a particular hose application, the following basic factors should be considered:

  1. Inside diameter
  2. Outside diameter
  3. Materials being conveyed (e.g. air, water, acids, oils, steam, etc.)
  4. Precise composition of substance (important in the case of oils, solvents, spraying media, foods, beverages, petroleum products, gases, etc.) Click Here Best Prices Top Quality Fabric and Wire Hoses over 3100 psi burst pressure Ratings
  5. Concentration (in the case of chemicals).
  6. Maximum temperature of substance.
  7. Maximum pressure (including any possible surge or back pressure).
  8. Degree of vacuum (in the case of suction hose).
  9. External conditions. The scope of this factor is possibly the widest of all and covers such things as:
    • Abrasion
    • Climactic conditions
    • Direct heat
    • Radiated heat
    • Contamination from oil, grease, solvents, acids, etc
    • End loads
    • Flexing - degree and cycle
    • Crushing conditions
    • Kinking conditions
    • Degree of bendin

10. Details of couplings (particularly in specialized applications). United Equipment Sales offers many fine types of concrete pumping hoses, plaster fireproofing, and shotcrete nozzles equipped with tough, abrasion resisting covers and with tube stocks which will successfully resist oil mist, if present. Where tools are lubricated through hose, only the very best quality hose with the highest grade oil resisting tube should be used. The recommended working pressure should be sufficient to withstand the maximum pressures encountered.

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