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Reed Concrete Pumps and
Dry-Mix Shotcrete Machines

United Equipment Sales is a dealer of NEW REED Concrete Pumps, Boom Pumps, Shotcrete Equipment, Mixer Pumps and Gunite Machines.

Reed Concrete Pumps deliver outstanding value in a complete line of trailer mounted concrete pumps, dry-mix gunite machines and shotcrete equipment. REED's different models can be configured for any gunite/dry-mix shotcrete application.

All Reed pumps are reliable, durable and easy to operate.

Reed Concrete Pumps

REED A Series "Rockmaster" Pumps

REED A Series "Rockmaster" Pumps

A Series Pumps have the ability to handle a wide variety of pumping applications: commercial slabs and decks, shotcrete, even vertical concrete pumping for multiple story buildings).

Heavy Duty S-Valve. This valve gives the Rockmaster the ability to pump the harshest pea gravel mixes all the way up to 1" (25mm) hard rock concrete (even larger 1.5" aggregate (38mm) with the new A40HP Model!)
(Ball valve pumps are restricted to pea gravel mixes.)


Reed B Series Pumps

Reed B Series Pumps

Reed B Series Concrete Pumps feature “Open loop” hydraulic systems and variable displacement hydraulic pumps

Reed C Series Pumps

Reed C Series Pumps

These rugged pumps feature a “Closed Loop” hydraulic systems, twin axles and twin shift cylinders. Ultra-High Performance. Concrete pressures up to 2000 psi, and up to 220 horsepower.

Cummins Diesel Engines. These new engines are more Powerful (more torque), much Quieter, and more Efficient (lower RPMs).

Reed Dry-Mix Shotcrete Machines

The LOVA model is primarily used for higher volume dry-mix gunite applications such as:
1. Gunite Swimming Pool Construction
2. Soil Retention and Retaining Walls
3. Rockscaping
4. Refractory Spraying
5. Mine Support
6. Tunnel Linings


Reed Dry-Mix Shotcrete Machines

LOVA 8-4
and LOVA 16-4
Maximum Horizontal feet = 1000
Conveying Distance meters= 305
Maximum Vertical feet = 300
Conveying Distance meters = 91

The SOVA model is used primarily for lower volume dry-mix shotcrete applications such as:
1. Concrete Repair
2. Artificial Rocks and Caves
3. Low-volume Refractory Spraying



Maximum Horizontal feet 1000+
Conveying Distance meter 305+
Maximum Vertical feet 300+
Conveying Distance meter 91+